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Transportation Reference

Arrive at: Changchun Longjia Airport
Fares: ¥21
Route: First take Airport bus line 1, and then take the 6 road /124 Road /306 Road bus
It takes about 1 hour and 51 min, rides 38km and walks 850m.

1. Walk 70m to Airport Station, take the airport bus line 1. Get off at People’s Square
after 5 stations.
2. Walk 400m to People’s Square Station, and get on the 6 Road (or 124 road 306
Road) for 5 stations and get off at Wenchang Road station.
3. Walk 380m and arrive at Sea air purple Bauhinia Hotel.

Arrive at: Changchun West Station
Fares: ¥2
Route: First take the 55 Road Bus, and then take the 232 Road Bus.
It takes about 1 hour and 22 min, rides 13.4km and walks 760m.

1. Walk 100m to take the 55 Road Bus for 12 stations, and get off at the Yingchun Road
2. Walk 100m to take the 232 Road Bus at Yingchun Road Station for 15 stations, and
get off at the Gongnong Square Station.
3. Walk 560m and arrive at Sea air purple Bauhinia Hotel.


Arrive at: Changchun Station
Fares: ¥3
Route: First take the 160 Road/ 246 Road Bus then take the No.1 subway.
It takes about 43min, rides 6.4 km and walks 1.5km.

1. Walk 310m to Changchun Bus Station to take 160 Road/ 246 Road Bus for 2 stations,
and get off at the Shengli Park Station.
2. Walk 340m to the Shengli Park take No.1 subway (From: Beihuancheng
Road Station to Hongzuizi Station) at Yingchun Road Station for 3 stations, and
get off at the Northeast Normal University Station(Exit C).
3. Walk 860m and arrive at Sea air purple Bauhinia Hotel.


1. 长春龙嘉国际机场 (票价¥21 机场巴士1号线 → 6路/124路/306路 1小时51分钟 | 38.0公里 | 步行850米 )
步行  70米
机场站  上车 机场巴士1号线   5站 人民广场站 下车
步行  400米
人民广场站  上车 6路   (或 124路 306路 ) 5站 文昌路站 下车
步行  380米
2.长春西站 (55路 → 232路
1小时22分钟 | 13.4公里 | 步行760米)
步行  100米
长春西站  上车 55路   12站 迎春路站 下车
步行  100米
迎春路站  上车 232路   15站 工农广场站 下车
步行  560米
3.长春站 (160路/246路 → 地铁1号线
43分钟 | 6.4公里 | 步行1.5公里)
步行  310米
长春站  上车 160路   (或 246路 ) 2站 胜利公园站 下车
步行  340米
胜利公园站  上车 地铁1号线 (北环城路-红嘴子)   3站 东北师大站 (C口出) 下车
步行  860米


Make sure that you have read some important information before registration.

Every member of OSA Student Chapter can register without fees. Please provide your chapter name precisely in the table
In order to encourage researchers to attend the 2018 Changchun IONS, we updated the registration fee as follows:

62.5 Dollar Non-native (with the Sino-US currency of 6.4:1)
400 CNY Native

Catering is included in the registration fee.
Registration will be open from May, 1st, 2018 to July, 20th, 2018.

If you need a visa,please contact us,and we will provide visa invitation letter for you.

Guide to Submission

Submit your recent work and share your latest ideas with us.

Please submit a long summary of the papers you would like to submit to this net and submit the paper to the periodical website below. There is a template of a long summary. If your paper is accepted in those journals, you can search for it on SCI or EI, and even if it isn’t accepted, your long summary will be included in the article of this meeting and placed in the Conference Collection of IONSChangchun for you to view.

When you submit articles to these journals, please note IONSChangchun.

Submission will end in July,20th.


Conference contribution

If you wish to contribute to the conference, either by an Oral or a Poster presentation, we would request you to submit your contributions. Traveling grants will be awarded to a limited number of participants.

For travel grant application, you need to submit an abstract and a motivation letter explaining as to why you need financial support.

Hotel Reservation 

We recommend you register for accommodation as soon as possible. We have listed the hotels surrounding the area of meeting for your choice.

Changchun Haihang Redbud Hotel

This hotel is the place where our meeting locates. You can click here to book those rooms now. 

A more expensive and comfortable hotel, the venue of the conference, adjacent to the Nanhu scenic area.


The Guangji Hotel

It is just outside the Nanhu, the view is beautiful, and you can walk a kilometer to get to the venue.


Grand Hotel

Close to the Palace Museum and Victory Park, take a four-minute walk and take the 6-way bus directly to the meeting venue.


Changchun Moon Lake Hotel

Expensive luxury hotel, close to the Moon Lake, comfortable environment, far from the meeting place, can take the subway line 1 to line 3 line light rail to the meeting place.


Guangyuan Hotel

Located near the excellent shopping center, you can get all kinds of goods here, and you can take the subway line 1 to the conference place.

You can choose the way of transportation autonomously through navigation software

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